Cross Check

One of the most important recognitions within the first phase of network discussions was, that, in opposite to the opinion of most of the partners, there did not exist a common view about contents, concepts and competences concerning entrepreneurship education and, additional, there was not only a different view by the countries, also by various professions, practitioners or researchers, schools or communities, universities or economics.

Therefore, after a comparison of the background of educational, economical and labour market systems the common decision was to find a common concept of competences, contained by the over-all idea “entrepreneurship education” of the 7th key competence for Lifelong Learning of the European Union.

The result is the following concept of 25 sub-domains of entrepreneurial competences, from “learning how to learn”, to “take responsibility” and “”create new ideas”.

Based on this background a so-called “cross-check” was undertaken, addressed to the relevant 3 target groups: 1.students, 2.teachers and These target groups was asked for the estimation of importance of these competences and skills out of the own point of view of the target group for young people to succeed in their professional careers. Additional there was a special question for teachers: What are you able to teach yourself? In whichcompetence domain do you need support from outside of school? This “cross-check” supported the network activities within the own regions and countries and this possibility was also distributed to other providers of Entrepreneurship Education Activities and networks.

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