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Interesting practice

During the period of the network activities about 70 interesting practices were collected. The practices show a scale from 1-10 of 20 abilities and skills which are contained in the practice and for which the practice can be used for.

Additionally the practice a general information for contact, the history of the activity, is allocated to a main target group, but also additional target groups are mentioned, as well as the age group of students the practice is used for. Additional information about entrepreneurship education for teachers gives teachers the possibility to get information if the specific activity of entrepreneurship education is part of their national and/or regional academic curriculum or if there are options for teachers in their region/nation to be educated in entrepreneurship education as a part of their lifelong learning process.

Knowledge of business management and entrepreneurship is also mentioned as well as general knowledge of the working principles of the economy. Organizational information supplements the interesting practices and makes it easy for persons who are interested to get a quick overview if the practice is interesting for them.

Interesting practices can be created by each person without registration on the website very quick.

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